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Villa Midgård by DAPstockholm

DAPstockholm created the Villa Midgård in Stockholm, Sweden.

Project description
When the client met with DAPstockholm they wished for a strong, secluded property with a maintenance-free facade, a sense of ceiling height and a master bedroom with the advantage of morning sun. They also wished for a solution exactly where they could open up larger windows toward the scenery and have a sheltered space where they could sit and listen to the pouring rain. This resulted in a multi-faceted property exactly where the shape and direction of the various volumes are based on a variety of elements such as the terrain, the light circumstances, the views and the privacy. The volumes give the property seven various facades. This and the dramatic nature of the sloping internet site offer the residence with a distinctive character. Reduce-outs in the mountain give space for the outside seating locations. In the south-east direction, outdoors the SPA, one particular of these creates a substantial border among the arranged and the rampant garden.

The second floor is suspended above the entrance floor to shadow and protect the yard. Right here the infinity pool, created out of dark concrete, make you consider of a deep forest lake adding to qualities of a wilderness exactly where the water runs more than the pool edge.

The facade of the souterrain is made out of slate and the stair from the carport out of limestone. Grass covers the roof of the tallest volume and the roof terrace exactly where it is themed with spruce. The house interior also exhibit components that are close to nature such as walnut, ceramic granite and marble. “By employing living components the house will grow to be more characteristic with age” says Calle Smedshammar, companion Architect at DAPstockholm.

Architecture: DAPstockholm
Photography: Åke E:son Lindman

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