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Recycling Paper and Cardboard for Chair, Distinctive Furniture Style Thought from Kibardindesign

Recycling paper and cardboard is one of popular modern day trends in modern furnishings design. Uncommon and fascinating chair from KibardinDesign is an example of a surprising blend of contemporary shapes and original design and style with creative concepts for recycling paper and cardboard.

Paper and cardboard are obtaining common components that are used for light and practical modern furnishings style. Furnishings items, like desks and shelving units, and lighting fixtures appear appealing and unusual, functional and powerful.

Weightless and portable, comfy Black Paper Chair is one particular of revolutionary and eco friendly merchandise that are inspiring, encouraging to appear at recycling supplies with a designer eye.

Cardboard furniture collection Prejudice, green tips for recycling paper and cardboard

Recycling paper for reasonably priced modern furniture, desks and storage cabinets

black chair made with paper and cardboard

Black chair created of paper and cardboard

Low armchair Black Paper 37 from KibardinDesign, (www.kibardindesign.com/en/studio.aspx) is a result of experiments with different materials. The armchair is made of 37 paper layers and 20 information of gofer cardboard. The functional surface is formed by placing paper layers one particular by a single to archive the necessary height on the chair.

Black paper is not just a material for constructing this chair, but also an aesthetic element that give unique character to this cardboard furniture piece. The smooth curves and beauty of lines nice create pleasing an eye look.

modern furniture made of cardboard and paper

Contemporary chair in black color

Layers of paper and cardboard pieces allow to modify this chair style, altering its shape and height.

Recycling paper for amazing cardboard room furniture and decor accessories

Second Edition furniture collection, recycling paper and wood

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