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Modern Eco Kitchen Made of Recycled Paper, Eco Friendly Products for Modern Residences

Modern day kitchen design and style brings green technology and recycling concepts into modern houses, supplying eco friendly items and appealing methods of making use of sustainable supplies. Italian kitchen made of recycled paper and contemporary resin is a unique eco friendly item for eco homes.

Recycling paper for modern kitchen cabinets is an innovative kitchen design and style idea from industrial designer Alessio Bassan and Italian kitchen manufactures Essential Cucine. The distinctive new material is composed of recycled paper fiber and non-petroleum based resin.

Attractive Eco Kitchen design attributes modern kitchen cabinets and kitchen island with a checkerboard pattern on the surfaces in 4 diverse colour shades.

Cardboard furniture collection from Sanserif, green ideas for recycling paper

Pendant light fixtures produced of corrugated paper

Modern day kitchen cabinets created of recycled paper fiber and resin

contemporary kitchen cabinets and islandRecycling paper for modern kitchen design and style, green technologies and eco friendly items for eco properties

Stylish contemporary kitchen cabinets and kitchen island are created of new material Paper Stone developed with recycled paper fiber. The rectangular shaped stove best and a sink with modern sunken taps offer you comfortable cooking region with a huge meals preparation space.

Modern day Eco Kitchen cabinets with recessed handles are handy, simple to open and secure. Clean modern kitchen design with smoothly opening doors looks fashionable, sophisticated and functional.

new material paperstone for contemporary kitchen islandInnovative new material PaperStone made of recycled paper fiber and resin

Sustainable design and style and recycling concepts are creatively blended into appealing, uncommon and impressive modern kitchen that is a accurate decoration for eco homes.

Contemporary kitchen style trends, redesigning kitchen interiors

Minimal Kitchen, modern day kitchen designs in minimalist style

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