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Contemporary Residence Decorating Farics and Textiles, Interior Design Trends 2013

Modern furnishings upholstery fabric patterns, demonstrated at The Milan furniture trade show, will bring thrilling, colorful and romantic textiles and property decorating fabrics that reflect interior design and style trends for 2013.

Modern day furnishings upholstery fabric patterns for the new textiles and property decorating fabrics collections are inspired by the African savanna wildlife and tropical jungle. Interior design trends 2013 bring exotic decoration patterns and vibrant colors, making warm and rich interior decorating.

Contemporary interior design trends 2013 contain vibrant colors, velvet appliques, colorful stripes, animal skin and floral motifs. Vivid pictures and colorful furnishings upholstery fabrics and floor rugs highlight the optimistic and organic design and style trends 2013.

Top 6 contemporary interior design and style trends 2013, interconnection and organic design and style

Organic style suggestions, interior decorating and house staging ideas from professionals

Modern property decorating fabrics and textiles, colors and patterns

modern chair with floral pattern in pink colorUpholstered chair with floral designs in pink color, modern interior design trends in fabrics and textiles

A inventive, bright and surprising mix of contemporary residence decorating fabrics and textiles with leather furniture upholstery produce impressive, colorful and pleasant interior decorating with exotic and romantic flavors.

Modern interior design and style trends 2013 in decorative fabrics and textiles give a wonderful inspiration for fresh interior decorating and property staging, enabling dramatically transform your property decor, adding a splash of contemporary colour and fashionable decoration patterns to rooms.

home decorating fabrics and design trendsModern decoration patterns and color trends in residence decorating fabrics and textiles

Generous and exclusive living room furniture and bedroom decor, spiced up with decorative fabrics in bright colors and exotic upholstery fabric patterns, are modern day interior style trends for 2013.

Modern day interior design and style trends 2013, interior decorating supplies

20 most common decorating colors, modern day interior color trends 2013

Masterfully handcrafted bedroom and living room furnishings with high gloss finish look beautiful with and exclusive, combined with romantic floral designs, energetic striped fabrics and exotic images, inspired by the tropical forests and African Savannah wildlife.

dining furniture and decor accessories in purple colorDining furnishings with light upholstery fabric and decorative pillows with floral designs in purple color

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