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All You Need to Know About Barcelona Chair

Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich initially designed Barcelona chair for the German Pavilion as an entry to the reputed International Exposition of 1929 that Barcelona hosted. The chair received the wide acclamation from those who have taste for anything various and special. It was 1st utilised in Villa Tugendhat as a masterpiece of Mies.

Early stage  

Mies Barcelona chair is not the identical what folks see these days. Initially, it was developed to be bolted collectively. Even so, it was redesigned in 1950 and stainless steel frame was used this time to not only kind the seamless piece of metal but also give it a smoother and more appealing look. In addition to this, ivory-colored pigskin that was utilized in the earlier piece replaced with bovine leather. Mies patented Barcelona chair in Germany, Spain and US in 1930 and it was manufactured in restricted numbers from 1930 to 1950. Mies van der Rohe ceded his rights and his name on the design to knoll six years soon after the death of Reich in 1953 that helped renew the recognition of the design.


Barcelona chair wasn’t designed for the typical man initially, but for the royalty of Spain. The chair was use by royalty to oversee the opening ceremonies of the exhibition and Occasions magazine described it inhibiting. The kind of the chair was believed to be extrapolated from Roman folding chairs dubbed as Curule and upholstered stools that Roman aristocracy used. 

Measurement and material utilized   

Mies Barcelona chair measures 75cm in height, 75cm in width and 75 cm in depth. The chair stands on the chrome steel frame and features leather cushion filled with PU foam to offer ultimate comfort and add more to the living or any other space where it is placed.

Exclusivity of style and appeal

Barcelona chair was the emblem of style and appeal that lured the masses like anything. It was only exclusive design and style and prominent characteristics like no other that produced the chair instant hit – some thing that it is even now and maybe will remain forever.

Reproduced version  

It is a well-identified fact that something exclusive and special comes with exorbitant price tag tag – Barcelona chair is no exception to this rule. Due to its exclusive style, style, appeal and comfort factors, only those with excellent bank balance can afford to get it. However, for those who have taste for something special, diverse and particularly these who really like to own the ideal of every little thing but somehow couldn’t afford it, there are a lot of furnishings houses that supply the replica of Barcelona chair at a fraction of the cost. Replica chair comes with very same specifications, design and style to match the original every bit.

Current production 

Following 1953, Knoll Inc owns the right to manufacture the original Mies Barcelona chair that comes with chrome and stainless steel. The chair is hand crafted, comes with Mies van der Rohe's signature stamped on each and every chair and has an exorbitant price tag of $ 6906. Reproductions are available worldwide as well and sold beneath different marketing and advertising names.

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