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Pet Residence from Moissue Combines Versatile Milk Box Design with Weightless Cardboard

Tiny pet house design and style from Chinese firm Moissue is light, practical and inexpensive. The pet property is a blend of milk box style and weightless cardboard material that creates an easy to assemble and carry around home for a small pet.

This intriguing and uncommon pet property may inspire you to design one thing related for your pet. Here is a milk box diagram. Fold all of the score lines except for the single diagonals subsequent to the pour spout. Apply adhesive to the tabs on the side and the bottom flaps. Do not put adhesive on the pour spout unless you want to totally seal the box.

Fascinating style for cats and little dogs look familiar and fresh at the exact same time. Light weight of cardboard and the ability to fold the pet property into a flat piece for traveling make this style especially attractive. If you add a reduce out for a handle on the prime of this cardboard home, you can carry your pet anyway really comfortably.

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diy cardboard cat house

Diy cardboard cat property, easy modest pet home style

Great for a pet parties or traveling with pets, this tiny pet home style is inexpensive and practical. Easy and straightforward to make, elegant and comfortable for a pet, it is a excellent concepts for diy project.

White colour is inspired by milk colour, but the pet home can be created in all bright hues. White color is versatile and neutral, allowing to personalize pet residence design as pet owners want.

white cardboard cat house

White cardboard cat house that can be creatively decorated

This is a fantastic concept for preparing affordable but very specific gifts for friends, or just enjoy these simple craft notion to develop a cute pet home for your cat or little dog.

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Recycling cardboard for generating tiny pet homes are a fantastic green thought and an excellent recycling paper project for all who support green living.

craft ideas cardboard cat house

Paper craft concepts, creating cat property

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