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Contemporary Telescopic Glass Enclosures Sheltering Outside Living Spaces

Modern telescopic glass enclosures create amazing outdoor house styles adding entertaining and style to modern day houses. An innovative group of India-based studio Patio Banglaore creates beautiful telescopic glass enclosures not only for swimming pools, but also for outdoor rooms, sheltering parking areas, sun-rooms and outside seating regions from rain, wind and snow.

Modern telescopic glass enclosures supply a lot of benefits that come with such an revolutionary solution. Lovely and functional, these outside residence styles supply safety for children and pets, an chance to use the pools anytime, save time and work on cleaning the enclosed seating areas or vehicle parking.

Functional and extremely decorative telescopic glass enclosures from Patio Banglaore add far more fun to outdoors, generating cozy shelters from all-natural components and adding modern flair to backyard designs.

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Telescopic glass enclosures for outside living spaces

glass enclosure for sining area

Glass enclosure for dining region, gorgeous outdoor property style concept

car parking in glass enclosure

Glass enclosure for car parking area, innovative design notion for creating a shelter for your car

A very good alternative for a backyard gazebo, a tree house, these telescopic glass enclosures provide fantastic  outside rooms for a romantic dinner or young children to play.

Here are unusual and fascinating glass styles that are appealing, functional and inspiring, best for creating your property far more comfy and inviting.

telescopic glass enclosure for sunroom

Telescopic glass enclosure for sheltering backyard patio or deck

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