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Modern Storage Furniture, Modern Shelving Units for Fashionable Interior Design

Modern day storage furnishings, bookcases and shelving units that can be utilised as decorative space dividers, blend the handy and functionality with appealing look, providing stylish residence decorating concepts and practical storage solutions for big and modest houses.

Modern shelving units and classic bookcases or wall shelves are practical property office or living space design trends. Huge and modest spaces benefit from storage furnishings that bring a modern flair or classic charm into modern interior design and style.

Storage furniture, like bookcases and wall shelving units, are great for displaying your collections and decorating empty walls. You can keep lots of products organized on shelves, whilst adding modern decorative accents to your home workplace, hallway, bedroom and living area designs.

Modern shelving units

30 unique book shelves and shelving units, inventive interior design suggestions

Modular shelving systems by Rodolfo Doldoni, modern storage furnishings style

modular shelving systems for living room

Modular shelving unit for living area, Italian storage furniture design and style

Modern shelving units, modular shelving or convenient open shelves are very good storage options for stylish interior design and style.

Though they collect dust and demand more time for cleaning than classic bookcases with wood or glass doors, modern storage furniture develop more attractive walls and add light feel to modern day residence workplace, hallway, bedroom and living space designs. Modular shelving units are versatile and enable to customize property workplace, bedroom or living room designs.

bookcases with glass doors

Traditional bookcases with glass doors, dust free classic storage furniture

Contemporary living space styles appear a lot more functional and comfortable with modern shelving units. Wall shelving units with incorporated Tv stands or spaces for hanging the Television on the wall add functionality to living space design, and free of charge standing shelving units are excellent area dividers for making zones in open living space, which is another plus.

Wooden book shelves, inventive bookshelf style ideas for contemporary interiors

Bookcases and shelves, wall shelving unit designs made of stacked wooden tables and boxes

Today contemporary living room design and style contains not only a sofa and a coffee tables, but a gorgeous shelving unit also, enriching contemporary interiors with fascinating design and style, textures and colors. The assortment of designs of storage furnishings is continually growing, and shelving units continue to surprise and delight modern clients.

black and white wall shelving systems

Black and white wall shelving unit with Tv cover, contemporary living area design suggestions

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