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Selexyz Dominican Church in Maastricht

This spot was after a Dominican church located in Maastricht but was then utilised as a parish then a ware residence and several other purposes. But since it is a truly massive and historical church, it was ultimately seized in the correct way. This massive church was converted into an remarkable modern bookstore Selexyz. Selexyz is a huge chain of bookstores in Netherlands, and taking this spot was a really sensible idea. The bookstore in this church has a contemporary design and style the place is best for reading, and consists of books concerning all subjects. The bookstore consists of 3 levels, where books are stacked in an amazing order, and you can discover seating locations to read what ever you want. To make this spot genuinely enjoyable, a coffee shop is also found so that you can have a drink while reading your book. The entire style is really wonderful and organized, and you will undoubtedly really like it.

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