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Comfort Bathtub Enhancing Security and Functionality of Modern Bathroom Design

New bathtub design and style by Vergillio Serrais is named Comfort. It is made to make contemporary bathroom style protected, functional and handy to all users. The ideal bathtub attributes a unique W cross-sectional design that provides ergonomic shape contouring the human physique and supplying much more comfortable and pleasant experience.

Organic style of this modern day bathtub ensures you don’t accidentally slide down into the water, enabling to enjoy a complete relaxation. Contemporary bathtub tends to make bathroom style safer and a lot more comfy. The special bathtub style consists of two tubs, one of which is perfect for babies and toddlers, generating safer atmosphere for tiny youngsters and permitting to bath without having the want of filling the bathtub to complete capacity. It saves water and your funds also.

Comfort bathtub design and style features an integrated tap allowing water to come up into the two components of the bathroom tub. Even though visually sleek and clean, this is an additional security function as research shows that taps are a typical supply of bumps and injuries, particularly to the elderly and the young.

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Ergonomic contemporary bathtub style

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Ergonomic bathtub style for everyone from baby to old individuals

The bath overflow program prevents water spilling on to the bathroom floor and eliminates a significant slip hazard, making modern bathroom style safer. The ergonomic bathtub design and style makes it simple to enter or exit the tub.

The bathtub sides are lower and the sloping shape creates a raised edge for a hassle-free hand hold position. Comfort bathtub is a secure style that boost functionality of contemporary bathroom and make it comfy and practical for folks of different age.

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Comfort bathtub enhancing safety and functionality of modern bathroom design and style

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