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Floating Shelf with Sliding Drawer for Modest Storage

Floating shelf with a drawer is an intriguing wall shelf design and style idea. Basic and elegant wooden shelf appears like an ordinary wall shelf, but hides a practical little drawer that can be opened with a magnetic essential and a sliding mechanism.

Clopen Shelf is created of ash veneer and attributes an aluminum frame. The width of the shelf is 23 cm (about 9 inches), and a sliding drawer creates a secret place to hide small products and doubles the storage space. The Clopen Shelf is 34mm ( about 1 1/five inches) thick.

Torafu architects are constructed this distinctive wall shelf from elaborate aluminum components, clad with sliced veneer to give it the look of is fabricated from organic wood shelf.

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The wall shelf with a sliding drawer is wonderful for storing compact precious belongings such as passports, jewelry, keys and other valuables.

Magnetic keys are very easily detach when the drawer is closed, and it is tough to see that the wall shelf has the drawer.

wood shelf with drawer

Wood shelf with a small drawer

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