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Recycling Ties for Fancy Dog Collars, Stylish Handmade Dog Accessories

Fancy dog colors for your pets from Jeannine Giordan are a superb way to reuse and recycle old silk ties. Fashionable dog collars make nice gifts and gorgeous accessories for furry buddies. Colorful and bright, dog collars in a variety of designs are available from on-line shops of handmade goods Etsy and Thwap.

Colorful and beautifully decorated dog collars look uncommon and cheerful. Tie Thwap collection supply beautiful and exclusive accessories for dogs. Jeannine Giordan from San Francisco created numerous dog collar styles that look like elegant ties, adding far more chic to dogs look.

Dog collars are handcrafted from luxurious silk fabric, supplying a creative way to reuse and recycle old silk ties. Soft and pleasant fabric and sophisticated dog collars design and style make these accessoires ideal for unique occasions and daily use.

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dog accessoriesClassic tie design, tiny dog collar made of old silk tie

Impressive dog accessories come in many colors and two styles. Classic and vintage collar designs make dogs appear extremely cute.

Tie-like collar length is between 13 and 17 inches ( 39 and 51 cm) and can suit modest and large dogs. The value is $ 28 US.

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