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Modern Houses and Interior Style Concepts, Kennedy Residence Boulder by Semple Brown Design and style

Kennedy Residence Boulder in Colorado is a modern day property from Semple Brown Design that characteristics a floating and inviting layout, a beautiful view of the yard and outside pool, vistas and cliffs along Boulder Creek, and a convenient screened porch that gives a lovely extension of the backyard.

This modern day house from Semple Brown Design and style, www.sbdesign-computer.com/ consists of a central portion and two wings, making the kitchen design and style the center of the household life and offering more privacy to bedrooms.

Appealing architecture, spacious architectural interiors with massive windows, beautiful wood and natural stone mixture, sophisticated landscaping and the front door style are just a couple of takeaways from this modern day residence design project.

Brick and wood in modern day houses, Brick Kiln Residence design and style from Indian architects

modern kitchen design with islandContemporary kitchen style with island, wood and stone mixture for contemporary interior design

Home design and style description from Semple Brown Design and style

Situated on 12-acres of quiet ranch land and adjacent to the buff-colored stone canyon bluffs straight east of Boulder, the site for this project was exclusive in that its orientation was not about distant views, it was about directing energy inward and creating a peaceful intimacy inside the website itself.

A heavily wooded pocket of land set the stage for this particular style challenge of weaving the home by means of a maze of cottonwood, elm, and spruce.  The strategy was organized in a quite organic fashion three wings (each responding to geometries driven by the mature trees), connected to every single other and hinged by public spaces and courtyards.

modern house design with spacious interiorsContemporary house style with spacious interiors, wood ceiling beams and stone walls

The very first wing welcomes guests into the primary hallway and acts as a connecting axis into Wings 2 and three. It supplies clear views to the west previous the screen porch into the private courtyard and towards the east exactly where it offers seamless and expansive views of the open-space.

Distinctive house style with roof opening, modern day houses in eco style

The flowing and unobtrusive layout of this wing, permits the kitchen to function as the heart of the house for the dining room and screen porch to act as extensions of the backyard and for the living room to peer out more than the open vistas and cliffs along Boulder Creek.

high ceiling architectural interiorsHigher ceiling architectural interiors and spacious interior design tips for modern day homes

The second wing emerges from the family members space off of the kitchen and bends back to create the children’s rooms and a secluded master suite at the finish of a extended stone hall. In its flow this wing creates a all-natural marriage among the public and more private, intimate spaces inside the property.

Modern property interiors and residence style, cottage like contemporary property with green wall

The entry court is framed by a stone wall that bends around the garage, play space, barn, and guest suite making the third wing.

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