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Giraffe Street Lamp, Sustainable Outdoor Light Design and Eco Friendly Backyard Ideas

Giraffe Street Lamp is a contemporary lighting design that shows excellent potential and can be utilized for lighting public playgrounds, parks and backyards in the future. Energy saving lighting design and style helps save cash, using the kinetic power of chain swings to energy Giraffe Street Lamp.

Designers Chen Wei and Lu Yanxin attempt to find  the best way for bringing green technologies into channeling the kinetic power of swings on young children playgrounds into the electrical energy for outside lights. This thought is excellent for kindergardens and backyards, restaurants with little ones playgrounds and schools.

Giraffe Street Lamp attributes a solar panel for suplemental energy collection to power the outside light for around eleven hours, which tends to make this contemporay lighting style even much more practical, sensible and fascinating.

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swings and lighting Outdoor light that uses the kinetic power of swings to power the lamp, sustainable style concepts for green living

Giraffe Street Lamp design and style appears playful and friendly, and can add a familiar, nature inspired image to backyards and play regions.

Functional and desirable, these outdoor lights combine the functionality and green living tips, producing eco friendly items that are fun and energy saving, best for eco properties.

green ideas for outsoor living spacesGreen suggestions for parks, playgrounds and backyard designs, sustainable outside light

White and green colour combination feels fresh and bright, creating the modern outdoor light with swings that is in harmony with the organic environment and backyard styles.

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sustainable design ideasSustainable design concepts for green living, outsoor light design and style information

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