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Modular Shelving Systems by Rodolfo Doldoni, Contemporary Wall Decoration Ideas

Modular shelving systems Fortepiano developed by Rodolfo Doldoni are innovative, appealing and functional. Modular shelving units are obtainable in handful of various colors, such as classy black and white, and let to generate special wall decoration in modern day homes.

Modular shelving systems are created for Molteni&C, www.molteni.it/ The Fortepiano shelving systems can be created with 3 fundamental elements, two sorts of containers, modular shelves and thick shelves. Impressive and practical shelving units are perfect additions to living space design and style and bathrooms interiors, little ones rooms and kitchens.

Modular shelving systems offer the utmost in flexibility, bringing beautiful decorative accents into interior design and creating special and personal wall decoration. Modular wall shelving systems are about complete freedom in arranging modular shelves.

Modular shelving, wall decorating concepts

Adjustable shelves, modular shelving concepts and inventive storage solutions fr modest spaces

Modular shelving units for contemporary wall decoration and storage

wall shelves in white color

White wall shelves, modular shelving systems by Rodolfo Doldoni

Wall shelving units can be attached to walls in any preferred position: vertical, horizontal and in both directions, enabling these attempting their hand at design and style to arrange bookshelves, living area furnishings or furnishings in any region of the property.

Modular shelving units encourage creativity. Wall shelving systems are made for delivering practical storage for all the things that crowd contemporary properties.

blue and black wall shelves

Blue and black wall shelves, modular shelving systems for handy storage and modern day wall decoration

Modular shelving systems reflect a single of modern day style tends that combine functional storage with wall decoration, assisting declutter home interiors and organize all issues.

Urban residence book shelves style, office decorating concepts

15 modern day interior design and style ideas for decorating with book shelves

Using 3 primary element, – open wall shelves or wall shelves with doors, storage containers and hanging prime shelves, which are perfect for creating a modest desk or Tv shelf, you can design exclusive room with fashionable and functional contemporary wall decoration. Arranging 3 major elements randomly adds a lot more interest to wall decoration and produce actually private interior design and style.

wall shelves and shelving systems

Yellow and black wall shelving for exclusive wall decoration

This modular shelving design is truly universal and suitable for living space and bathroom, kitchen and little ones space decor. Modular shelving units are obtainable in matte finish, dark or light tones.

Wall shelving systems for any room decorating

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