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Crocheted and Knitted Floor Rugs, Poufs, Baskets and Pillows, Contemporary House Accessories

Crochet and knitting crafts bring unique texture of soft yarns, warmth and charm into contemporary interior design and style. Crocheted and knitted floor rugs, poufs, baskets, lamp shades, furnishings cushions and decorative pillows make room decor a lot more feminine and tender, cozy and comfy.

Knitted floor rugs and puffs, created by Christian Meindertsma, are excellent for adding chunky knitting patterns to modern day interior design and style and decor in any style. These knitted poufs in various colors work effectively as decorative accents, brighten up room decor and conveniently providing further seats.

The Aran Rug by Christian Meindertsma, www.christienmeindertsma.com/ is a beautiful floor decor item that adds soft texture and light neutral colour to modern day interior design and style. Handmade floor rug is produced with further chunky yarn and massive needles.

Knitting and crochet home decor, handicrafts trend in modern day interio design and style

Piano decorating, ancient craft for modern interior style

Knitted residence accessories, floor rugs, poufs, baskets and pillows

handmade home accessoriesHandmade property accessories, colorful knitted poufs

handmade home accessoriesHandmade property accessories, knitted floor rug in white color by Christien Meindertsma for contemporary interior design

Charming knitted baskets in mustard yellow and deep turquoise colors, playful knitted pillows in oval shape from Ferm Living, www.ferm-living.com/ are modern house accessories that are functional, fascinating and extremely decorative.

Handmade home accessories are a good way to add personality to space decor, adding your preferred colors and shapes to modern interior style.

colorful handmade pillowsColorful handmade pillows from Ferm Living

Crocheted home accessories, lace floor rugs and bed throws

Crocheted floor rugs and throws from Hooked Design and style, www.hookeddesign.com/ are fashionable home decor accessories, best for adding special interior design items in Scandinavian style to your rooms.

black bed throw in white bedroomScandinavian style bedroom decorating in white colour, crocheted bed throw in black color

Their beautiful collection consists of ecological  hand-produced crochet lace carpets and little floor rugs, designed of recycled material.

Knitted furnishings and decorative pillows by Melanie Porter

Contemporary furniture design by Claire Anne O’Brien, designer chairs and stools with lnitted cushions

Crochet lace throws and floor rugs in classy white and black colors are superb for fashionable interior design.

modern interior design with handmade crochet lace rugModern day interior design with handmade crochet lace floor rug in white colour

Round and square crochet lace floor rugs and throws in white and yellow cream colors add much more light to room decor, brightening up modern day interior style with home decorations in Scandinavian style.

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