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7th Heaven Penthouse in Moscow, Contemporary Interior Design Ideas from OLSTUDIO

7th Heaven penthouse design blends the urban functionality with freedom, producing a beautiful house for a family exactly where parents and youngsters feel joy and satisfaction. Practical, spacious and artful apartment concepts are the key ideas of modern interior design that make this penthouse in Moscow appear exclusive and comfy.

Inspired by a country residence, penhouse’s interiors feel inviting, straightforward and cozy. Light room colors, combined with natural wood tones and floral styles add elegance and charm to modern interior design and style.

The penthouse delivers a panoramic view of the city. Light area colors celebrate airy and spacious interior design and style concepts, making a floating living space. The open space is divided into couple of functional places, adding a lot more comfort to desirable and contemporary interior design and style concepts.

Penthouse interiors in light neutral color palette

mirrored tiles and white paintMirrored tiles and white paint, light and spacious interior design suggestions

The master bedroom, children rooms, fitness center and sauna produce the private region. The kitchen, dining and living space area, playroom and house theater are designed to satisfy all loved ones members’ tastes and offer an remarkable living space for obtaining enjoyable and enjoying family members life.

The penthouse interiors appear diverse and interesting. Pleasant light neutral color palette, blue and green color shades, and natural wood tones support stunning, creative and contemporary interior design and style ideas. Hardwood floor in pink oak color and natural light stone, employed in the central region develop a gorgeous colour mixture. The brown-beige neutral colour palette add tenderness and a cozy feel to modern interior design.

wall mural and dining furnitureWall mural, indoor plants and dining furnishings produced of natural supplies, beautiful penthouse style

Light interior design colors create attractive contrasts with brown color tones of the oak floor and give the penthouse interiors a feeling of comfort, harmony and tranquility.

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five bedroom interior design trends, contemporary bedroom interiors

Floral designs add all-natural charm to contemporary bathroom decor, adding a splash of green colour to the floor and wall decoration.

home theater designCozy home theater style, striped furnishings upholstery fabric in black-n-white and unique ceiling design

Light and tender interior design color combination, inspired by blue sky and white clouds, include sky-blue colour tones, grayish and vanilla shades. Mirrored tiles and silver paint add far more light, celebrating airy and spacious space design.

floral mosaic tiles in bathroomFloral mosaic tiles and flower designs for floor decoration, white and green color palette for contemporary bathroom decorating

Comfortable and functional, beautiful and modern interior design suggestions are combines for producing apartment interiors with country living feel. Magnificent views of the city and a winter garden on the terrace create an wonderful illusion of living in the forest and add much more harmony to this penthouse design and style.

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