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Floating Houses, Contemporary Floating House Design by Robert Harvey Oshatz

Floating property design by Robert Harvey Oshatz is an impressive example of contemporary home that attributes comfortable and modern interior style and celebrates organic design ideas, supplying a pleasant retreat on the river.

Floating homes are stunning green ideas for those who are tired of busy cities, and Robert Harvey Oshatz is 1 of these architects, who create amazing architecture and contemporary interior style, that are in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Floating House  by Robert Harvey Oshatz is a new project, a modern home for a couple, situated on the bank of the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. Large windows and the location let to appreciate wonderful views, celebrating the spectacular natural beauty of beautiful sunsets.

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Floating home

contemporary homes on waterContemporary residences on water, floating residence with sloping ceiling style

This contemporary floating property is extremely romantic, emphasizing contemporary, curious and organic property design and offering charming interior design and style that strengthening this effect.

This floating home, developed by Robert Harvey Oshatz  for couples, is a floating property that preserves the privacy of its inhabitants, despite the fact that it is sandwiched amongst two other houseboats on the river. Living on the water or spending weekends and holidays on the river are great green concepts that help men and women connect with the nature.

floating house exterior designUnique floating home exterior design and style, modern day homes on water

Floating residence design functions

The floating platform is produced of fir wood. The powerful and sturdy floating platform is placed on the L-shaped beams and has a plywood floor.

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Floating sunrooms, houseboats

Floating property design and style attributes a sloping ceiling, adding retro charm of organic design in the previous. Spruce and cedar look pleasant and welcoming, providing a warm feeling to modern property style. The floating property has sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling that beautify and make functional modern day interior design and style.

sloping ceiling designFloating residence design and style with sliding glass doors and comfy modern day interior design and style

Despite its small size, the floating residence has the guest area, lounge, kitchen with wine cellar and master bedroom. Modern interior style, cabinets and furniture produced of cedar emphasize green tips and organic property style.

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